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Miranda Plugins
Here are download links to a few of Miranda plugins and files that might be useful to Miranda users and are currently unavailable from the official Miranda Addons site.

authstate_0.0.1.6.zip (Thief) 7 KB
latest stable release of the Authorization State plugin, updated for Miranda 0.8.0

clist_modern_0.7.100.15_ansi.zip (FYR) 231 KB
latest (last?) build of Modern Contact List compatible with Miranda 0.7.x non-Unicode (NOT for Miranda 0.6.x or older)

clistnicerplus_0.8.0.0_unicode.zip (Nightwish) 231 KB
latest stable release of CList Nicer+ for Miranda 0.7.x Unicode (NOT for Miranda 0.6.x or older)

dbepp_3.2.0.0.zip (Bio) 42 KB
latest release of the Database Editor++ plugin, updated for Miranda 0.8.0

menuex_1.2.1.14.zip (baloo) 18 KB
last release of MenuItemEx compatible with Miranda 0.6.x/0.7.x

messagenotify_0.2.0.3.zip (sje) 20 KB
one of the older stable releases - for Popup plus users who want to be able to configure timeouts or colours of Message Notify popups (not recommended for Miranda 0.7+)

popup_2.0.3.97.rc2.zip (nullbie) 340 KB
for those who like the Popup plus plugin but are using Miranda older than 0.7 and do not wish to install FontService or IcoLib, which are in that case required by the current versions of Popup plus

scriver_2.5.9.14_ansi.zip (the_leech) 131 KB
last build of Scriver compatible with Miranda 0.6.x non-Unicode (NOT for Miranda 0.7+)

scriver_2.5.9.14_unicode.zip (the_leech) 134 KB
last build of Scriver compatible with Miranda 0.6.x Unicode (NOT for Miranda 0.7+)

skinguide_eng.zip (FYR) 17 KB
a skinning guide for the Modern Contact List

toptoolbar_0.8.0.1.zip (bethoven, sje) 57 KB
latest version of TopToolbar, kindly updated and fixed by sje (requires clist _modern, _mw, or _nicer)

Please be aware that direct linking to these files is not allowed. They are stored here temporarily and may be removed at any time. However, you may link to http://www.tarapages.com/miranda/ if you wish.


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